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Olympics are over but a Generation of Gymnasts + Swimmers was born.
August 27, 2008

The Olympic Games are over and we are now faced with another overload of reality shows (thanks I’ll pass).

We’ll be looking back to these games as the turning point on various levels for the rest of our lives. 

It’s when a generation of kids, the world over, decided that they wanted to be gymnasts and follow in the footsteps of the amazing American duo of the graceful Nastia Liuken and daring Shawn Johnson, Sandra Izbaza of Romania and Yang Yilin of China.

These girls performed at such a high level at these Olympics. I’m sure there will be many kids aiming to win Gold in Gymnastics at the Olympics.

Obviously pools the world over will be getting a work out as kids will want to be like Mike all over again. This time it will be Michael Phelps instead of Michael Jordan (he’s still amazing but most of todays kids never saw him at his peak.) 

Mr. Phelps defied the odds and won an Olympic record of 8 gold medals. I’d been hearing about the Spitz record of 7 every 4 years of my life when the summer olympics were on tv. It will be amazing to see if anyone will ever break this record.

The attitude of all these athletes set them apart and will help the accomplishments become part of the folklore of the Olympic Games. The desire to compete mixed with the will to train all coming together to win by the smallest of margins.


Shawn Johnson did it, Gold Medal Olympic Champion
August 21, 2008

Way to go Shawn, a gold medal winning Olympic champion. All the hard work and positive attitude payed off.

Nastia and Shawn were amazing at the Olympics, sure to inspire the next generation of great American gymnasts.

Inflation, over priced items, here’s a work around.
August 19, 2008

Since inflation is the order of the day here in the U.S. many of the things we own are worth less and many of the things we want or need to purchase cost more. A good work around to this is to buy items from individuals and independent companies. Sites like ebay have plenty of items, lot’s are unopened and never used. Just try to make sure that the rating is in check and that the items are being purchased from the original owner ( a long term well rated account helps identify legitimate sellers.)

70’s show a great dose of syndicated fun.
August 19, 2008

That 70’s show is funny. Thanks to syndication it’s always available and ready to elicit good natured laughter. The true mark of good tv shows is how well they age. 70’s show certainly has aged well.

White socks are more comfortable.
August 19, 2008

White socks are more comfortable. It’s true. I’ve bought every kind of black, khaki, green, and other colored socks and yet after a long day on my feet nothing beats a quality pair of white athletic socks.

Shawn Johnson showed great sportsmanship, she’s a true American Sweetheart.
August 19, 2008

In defeat, Shawn Johnson showed the true character of the best sportsmen in Olympic history. She’s a genuine American Sweetheart. At the exact moment she realized that her dream of Olympic Gold in the floor exercise would not come true she reacted with the class to smile and graciously hug her competition after the scores posted. As she won her 3rd silver, this time individually on the floor exercise Shawn Johnson left an impression of a true Olympic champion that will far outlast the recollection of who won what at this summers games. Thanks for demonstrating great athletic ability and strength of character, two of Americas greatest traits visible for the world to see. I hope she wins Gold in her next event.

We know that people are buying water and supplies when…
August 19, 2008

We know that people are buying water and supplies when the hurricane and/or tropical storm is coming up. I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out if this Tropical Storm / hurricane is going to wind up in my living room and luckily I’ve encountered a lot of looped, canned stories about my fellow sunshine loving, beach going, neighbors shopping habits. Like, we know that we all bought water and filled up on gas. Now give us that statistics, where is the storm going or maybe going. How will it effect each and every potential storm location and how are the less fortunate people in the Caribbean doing and man, please make sure they are getting some help. We know that the quote, “cone of possibility” may variate and that no one, save God, knows where the storm will end up. We can make educated guesses, look at the satellite images and pretend to be meteorologists, but please no more interviews about how everyone who could afford it, bought water and gas. Of course they did. And I think it was the first time I filled my tank up in a while, I gave her $70 of 87 octane. I’ve gotten used to stopping every other day for $10 or $20, it just makes the gas prices seem a little easier to swallow, and I’m well trained in economics, I know it’s irrational to add only a couple of gallons at a time, but hey someday soon we’ll have 100 mpg (I hear is inviting ideas for the 100 mpg mass market concept.) Until then, I’m all about the small gas purchases as the gas companies loop “it’s all about the bengamins” laughing all the way to the bank. Calling Doc Brown…Delorean….the one that takes banana peels and beer cans… hellooo Mcfly.

Switching from 2 to 1 car for large family good way to go green…
August 19, 2008

We’re switching from a 2 car family to a 1 car family to among other things, go green. For a while now I’ve been trying to be responsible, remember the bags from home so I don’t need to waste plastic. Recycle. Buy less stuff. Get into like, eco consciousness, watch all the shows on cable by the people who made green the new black, or so I heard. Anyways, after all the new efficient light bulbs, washer, dryer, fridge and organic goods we agreed it was time to start going green by reduction. So my trusty F-150 is no longer parked outside. I won’t be able to tow 10,000 pounds without a moments notice and our daily routines will force better planning. They don’t make any of the super fuel efficient cars with 3 rows of seats or enough room for a large family so we still have a suv, but it has a great emission rating, and hey 1 car can’t pollute as much as 2. And I was able to put 10 half sheets of plywood on the roof rack, not as convenient as throwing them in the back of the pickup, but I burned a few calories tying them down. I guess my point is that I want to continue to try and make better environmental choices, because after a while recycling cereal boxes bringing my stainless steel water container or reusable Starbucks branded coffee cup isn’t enough. I want the dolphins and pelicans and my fellow humans to still be around when today is back in the day.

Unlinked sites = unjuiced ballplayers
August 11, 2008

If you have a great web site or local company site without many incoming links chances are no one is finding you online. This is unfair. Forcing search ad purchasing, the free gmaps listing helps, but there should be a way to validate a quality local site, or global site for that matter. Plenty of room for a third party company to step in.  At some point regulators may require this. Non ad affiliated of course. A lack of incoming links should not leave a site unfound. Site owners that don’t want to game the system should still have room to succeed. Ethics was a requirement for most undergrads, so it’s hard to believe that the hyper educated are taking part in and/or creating this system.  


124 words, out.

PS 3 noisy
August 11, 2008

Play Station 3 is noisy. It also has a shiny good looking exterior.