Unlinked sites = unjuiced ballplayers

If you have a great web site or local company site without many incoming links chances are no one is finding you online. This is unfair. Forcing search ad purchasing, the free gmaps listing helps, but there should be a way to validate a quality local site, or global site for that matter. Plenty of room for a third party company to step in.  At some point regulators may require this. Non ad affiliated of course. A lack of incoming links should not leave a site unfound. Site owners that don’t want to game the system should still have room to succeed. Ethics was a requirement for most undergrads, so it’s hard to believe that the hyper educated are taking part in and/or creating this system.  


124 words, out.


One Response

  1. Well, for all the fuss about the brains behind big search engines, they seemingly run a very flawed engine. So, the links on your site make the site more relevant than the site information itself. How is that? Doesn’t make sense.

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