Shawn Johnson showed great sportsmanship, she’s a true American Sweetheart.

In defeat, Shawn Johnson showed the true character of the best sportsmen in Olympic history. She’s a genuine American Sweetheart. At the exact moment she realized that her dream of Olympic Gold in the floor exercise would not come true she reacted with the class to smile and graciously hug her competition after the scores posted. As she won her 3rd silver, this time individually on the floor exercise Shawn Johnson left an impression of a true Olympic champion that will far outlast the recollection of who won what at this summers games. Thanks for demonstrating great athletic ability and strength of character, two of Americas greatest traits visible for the world to see. I hope she wins Gold in her next event.


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  1. Thank you for acknowledging Shawn Johnson’s gracious demeanor even as a gold medal was slipping away from her. She is an exemplary athlete, and she worked so hard to be where she is, and even though she did not win the gold, she did win the silver. It’s important to recognize what a good gymnast she is, one of the best in the world, with the gold or not. We can all learn from her. Good luck to her.

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