Switching from 2 to 1 car for large family good way to go green…

We’re switching from a 2 car family to a 1 car family to among other things, go green. For a while now I’ve been trying to be responsible, remember the bags from home so I don’t need to waste plastic. Recycle. Buy less stuff. Get into like, eco consciousness, watch all the shows on cable by the people who made green the new black, or so I heard. Anyways, after all the new efficient light bulbs, washer, dryer, fridge and organic goods we agreed it was time to start going green by reduction. So my trusty F-150 is no longer parked outside. I won’t be able to tow 10,000 pounds without a moments notice and our daily routines will force better planning. They don’t make any of the super fuel efficient cars with 3 rows of seats or enough room for a large family so we still have a suv, but it has a great emission rating, and hey 1 car can’t pollute as much as 2. And I was able to put 10 half sheets of plywood on the roof rack, not as convenient as throwing them in the back of the pickup, but I burned a few calories tying them down. I guess my point is that I want to continue to try and make better environmental choices, because after a while recycling cereal boxes bringing my stainless steel water container or reusable Starbucks branded coffee cup isn’t enough. I want the dolphins and pelicans and my fellow humans to still be around when today is back in the day.


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