We know that people are buying water and supplies when…

We know that people are buying water and supplies when the hurricane and/or tropical storm is coming up. I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out if this Tropical Storm / hurricane is going to wind up in my living room and luckily I’ve encountered a lot of looped, canned stories about my fellow sunshine loving, beach going, neighbors shopping habits. Like, we know that we all bought water and filled up on gas. Now give us that statistics, where is the storm going or maybe going. How will it effect each and every potential storm location and how are the less fortunate people in the Caribbean doing and man, please make sure they are getting some help. We know that the quote, “cone of possibility” may variate and that no one, save God, knows where the storm will end up. We can make educated guesses, look at the satellite images and pretend to be meteorologists, but please no more interviews about how everyone who could afford it, bought water and gas. Of course they did. And I think it was the first time I filled my tank up in a while, I gave her $70 of 87 octane. I’ve gotten used to stopping every other day for $10 or $20, it just makes the gas prices seem a little easier to swallow, and I’m well trained in economics, I know it’s irrational to add only a couple of gallons at a time, but hey someday soon we’ll have 100 mpg (I hear technicalinnovation.org is inviting ideas for the 100 mpg mass market concept.) Until then, I’m all about the small gas purchases as the gas companies loop “it’s all about the bengamins” laughing all the way to the bank. Calling Doc Brown…Delorean….the one that takes banana peels and beer cans… hellooo Mcfly.


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