Olympics are over but a Generation of Gymnasts + Swimmers was born.

The Olympic Games are over and we are now faced with another overload of reality shows (thanks I’ll pass).

We’ll be looking back to these games as the turning point on various levels for the rest of our lives. 

It’s when a generation of kids, the world over, decided that they wanted to be gymnasts and follow in the footsteps of the amazing American duo of the graceful Nastia Liuken and daring Shawn Johnson, Sandra Izbaza of Romania and Yang Yilin of China.

These girls performed at such a high level at these Olympics. I’m sure there will be many kids aiming to win Gold in Gymnastics at the Olympics.

Obviously pools the world over will be getting a work out as kids will want to be like Mike all over again. This time it will be Michael Phelps instead of Michael Jordan (he’s still amazing but most of todays kids never saw him at his peak.) 

Mr. Phelps defied the odds and won an Olympic record of 8 gold medals. I’d been hearing about the Spitz record of 7 every 4 years of my life when the summer olympics were on tv. It will be amazing to see if anyone will ever break this record.

The attitude of all these athletes set them apart and will help the accomplishments become part of the folklore of the Olympic Games. The desire to compete mixed with the will to train all coming together to win by the smallest of margins.


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